Lear Capital – A Closer Look at this Company

Lear Capital is an investment company that has been in existence since 1997 their main trade being the precious metal market. It is a type or IRA (Individual Retirement Account) but is different in that it deals with silver, gold, and numismatic coins. Many a Lear Capital reviews have applauded this method of using valuable metals to protect customer investments against inflation while at the same accruing interest.With more than $2 billion in transactions, Lear Capital claims to be the crème de la crème. The services are affordable with no minimum investment and an annual minimum fee of $160.

How does Lear Capital work?

Lear Capital accepts investments and guarantees shipments arrival within 15-17 days. They accept payment in cash, cashier’s and personal checks, credit cards, wire transfer and money orders. Most of the times, your shipment of precious metals will arrive within a week of the check clearing. Free shipping is offered for gold orders that exceed $10000. You have to pay $160 per year for storage and insurance, and the transaction fees vary depending on the products at hand. Here are the prices of the coins on offer at Lear Capital:

· Premium coins: Price varies

· Gold coins: USD 455- USD 1353

· Silver coins: USD 18- USD 14000

What most Lear Capital review critics fail to add is that Lear Capital also buys precious metals from willing sellers.There are of course advantages and downsides to this type of investment. Without further ado, let’s look at the pros and cons of investing in a precious metal backed IRA;


As you might know, an IRA is a savings account with a tax advantage. When you save money in a retirement account such as a 401K, the government does not charge you tax unless you withdraw. This tax money will be rolled over, and you end up paying less tax when you withdraw. Now, most IRAs are funded with cash but others, like Lear Capital, use precious metals e.g. gold bullion, platinum, and silver. You now have a physical item that represents your money, and you can cash it in whenever. Investing in precious metals is safe because the value will rise steadily and they won’t be affected by the stock market. The increasing value of precious metals (except recently from 2011 when prices tanked) can also cut out inflation.


The downside to using this kind of investment is that only specific metals can be used. And they have to be of a certain purity. Also, in light of the all-time low recorded since 2011, the precious metal market is still vulnerable to volatility to some extent. You also have to pay holding fees for the company to safeguard them in their high-level security facilities. Another downside is that unlike other investments, there is no compounding interest.

Apart from broadening your portfolio, precious metals are a good investment for IRAs. Lear Capital review not that you can transfer your existing IRA to Lear Capital and a grace period of 30 days is given whereby if the prices of metals fall, then your IRA will be adjusted accordingly. You also can choose between different metals all of which have their own advantages.

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