Lear Capital – The Leading Gold IRA Company?

Being one of America’s top leading companies in precious metals investment with over $2 billion in precious metals transaction since 1997, Lear Capital has shown dedication and impressive customer care service. They have positioned them self as primary source for gold and silver coins investors in the precious metal investing business.

They have managed to position the self as best-in-class 98,4% aggregate customer satisfaction rating. With the gold and silver coin investing standing on thin ice, Lear Company manages to keep their clients satisfied and well secured. Probably their approach is what gets their ratings so high. All the problems (as good as one company can get, problems will appear and emerge), are dealt with extreme caution, and every client is being treated as it was the first, or as it was the last, with high professionality and dedication.

As much as the climate for gold trading is frequently vibrating (with Russia sanctions and China economic growth), from 1973 to 2012, the rare gold coin market outperformed Gold by more than 37% and Dow by over 64%. This shows that while gold shows no true investing value, gold coins, especially rare ones, show the true upside potential. Limited or coins with historic significance often show rise at unprecedented levels.

Lear company stand up in the precious metal companies with their Interactive Coin Analyzer, allowing users to view coins at current gold and silver price, and the potential future price. It can track the coins historical averages and their all-time high. It has the Premium Calculation snapshot which shows the number of trades for a certain coin . This calculation considers the coins High, Average and Low Premium, which is a great option, because even if the gold metal price falls, the rare investment coins can hold steady, and even increase. The example with the Morgan Silver Dollar, and the potential it has on blooming investments is breathtaking, and might even make you want to buy a few coins.

Lear Company declares itself as one-stop site for all those who consider gold for your long-term financial security. They even offer their clients a 500$ worth of free silver. Exclamation is needed in free, because first you have to purchase 20,000$ of precious silver. And no, it is not a scam! They only stimulate you, as they say: “With every amount you purchase, you get an additional 2 percent”, which if you are a gold and silver coin investor, is not such a bad deal.

And now for the unsatisfied customers! Some clients never got their coin ordered online. As one might guess, online coin trading sometimes can be a bite in the place it hurts a lot! Being one of Fox’s biggest sponsor doesn’t make you ethical by definition. This problem emerged because of Lear’s policy to build up enough orders to get their volume discount on a delivery. So, while you are waiting for your coins to arrive, some big investment company is making big money.

But still, I cheer for the little guy, and I believe that companies like Lear Company will not risk their reputation and history, and will find a way to satisfy every customer, even the ones who didn’t get their coin.

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